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Moreno Testifies He Accidentally Dropped Son Off Bridge

Judge Expected To Rule On Moreno Confession By Friday

Moreno's Statements To Detectives And Doctors Discussed During Hearing; Murder Trial Set For Wednesday

With Trump, Twitter transition stirs confusion

BEACHCOMBING: Bethany Bookstore a ‘Place of Magic’

Murder Trial Set To Begin For Man Accused Of Throwing Baby From Bridge

Norm Pattis about Michael Skakel

Stratford schools hire attorney

Stratford schools hire attorney

Pattis chosen as district plans fight over magnet school tuition

- Stratford Star
The Stratford Board of Education is ready to challenge tuition bills of more than $570,000 being sent by a pair of Bridgeport magnet schools.
School board members voted unanimously at Monday’s...

Controversy brews after New Haven assistant police chief allegedly makes derogatory comment

Alleged hit and run killer claims she was in psych unit

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F. Lee Bailey calls Norm Pattis “One of the Giants of the Profession” and “Part of a Dying Breed of Slash and Burn Trial Lawyers”