Speaker Booking

Norm Pattis, a criminal defense and civil rights lawyer, advocates for justice and individual rights in all venues. A highly rated speaker on subjects ranging from the failures of America's justice system to social issues of immense import, Norm Pattis enthralls audiences with his engaging style and content.

Examples of favorite presentations include:

  • Juries and Justice: Whose Country Is It, Anyhow?
  • Sex, Drugs and Madison Avenue: Must We Imprison the Ones We Love?
  • When Everything Is A Crime: From The Boardroom to Your Bedroom
  • What's Wrong With the Civil Justice System?
  • Criminal Justice Reform That Will Save You Money
  • Disorder in the Courts: Why You Should Want A Trial Lawyer On The Supreme Court
  • Can Good Men Make Good Lawyers?: Augustine Revisited.
  • Occupying Courtrooms: What Social Protest Can Teach About the Importance of Juries
  • Groupthink and Keyboard Warriors: What Killed the Blawgosphere

For information on booking Norm Pattis at your event, contact Maggie Jessup at Elite Lawyer Management [hidden email] 360.521.0437